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Traub RJ, Robertson ID, Irwin P, Mencke N, Monis P, Thompson RC
Humans, dogs and parasitic zoonoses--unravelling the relationships in a remote endemic community in northeast India using molecular tools.
Parasitology Research. 90 Suppl 3:S156-7, 2003 Jul.
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Hoffmann AN, Beltrao N, Botton Sde A, Caminha BX, de la Rue ML
Intestinal nematodes of stray dogs as zoonoses agents in D. Pedrito city (RS-Brazil).
Bol Chil Parasitol 2000 Jul-Dec;55(3-4):92-3.
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Mukaratirwa S, Taruvinga M
A survey on environmental contamination of suburban parks and playgrounds in Harare, Zimbabwe, with canine helminths of zoonotic significance.
J S Afr Vet Assoc 1999 Sep;70(3):119-21.
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Areekul S
Zoonotic potential of hookworms from dogs and cats in Thailand.
J Med Assoc Thai 1979 Aug;62(8):399-402.
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