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Environ Pollut 2002;117(3):391-402.

Organochlorine and organotin compounds in Caspian seals (Phoca caspica) collected during an unusual mortality event in the Caspian Sea in 2000.

Kajiwara N, Niimi S, Watanabe M, Ito Y, Takahashi S, Tanabe S, Khuraskin LS, Miyazaki N

Center for Marine Environmental Studies, Ehime University, Tarumi, Matsuyama, Japan.

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Article type: Curated - Canary ID: 362

Cause and Effect Analysis Interspecies susceptibility data Shared exposures with humans Shared outcomes with humans Gene sequence data
Yes No No No No
Study type N Routes Sampling Controls Timing
descriptive 36 ingestion - - mixed
Exposures Chlordan
Distemper Virus, Canine
Heptachlor Epoxide
Organotin Compounds
Polychlorinated Biphenyls
TCPM compound
Outcomes Death
Nutritional Status
Species Harbor seal
Pusa caspica
Pusa sibirica
Stenella <1>
Tursiops truncatus
Locations location map
Azerbaijan Bakę* Apsheron Peninsula (peninsula)
Baku (capital of a political entity)
Pirshaga (populated place)
Canada Canada (general) Saint Lawrence River (stream)
Kazakhstan Mangghysta° Bautino (populated place)
Mexico Mexico (general) Gulf of Mexico (gulf)
Norway Norway (general) Norway (independent political entity)
Oceans Oceans (general) Caspian Sea (sea)
Kara Sea (sea)
Mediterranean Sea (sea)
Sea of Okhotsk (sea)
Skagerrak (strait)
Russia Arkhangel'skaya Oblast' Pearl Island (island)
Russia (general) Lake Baikal (lake)

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